Landscaping Products

landscaping - bed spreadMTM’s South Valley location, Wood You Recycle!, not only recycles clean wood waste, but also converts that material, along with residue from the MTM forest restoration sawmill, into wonderful garden and landscaping products.

Wood You Recycle!’s manufactures beautiful colored garden mulch.  This product is made using a combination of clean wood residue recycled in our South Valley yard and/or chips remaining from the forest restoration sawmill.  Our colored mulch is different from most garden mulch made in New Mexico.  Rather than being a mulch “chip”, our mulch is more of a shredded product.  A wide chip tends to act like a “wing” which is easily picked up by New Mexico’ fierce spring winds.  Our mulch mats down and soon becomes more wind resistant.  Of course, any garden mulch we manufacture comes with our assurance that for at least 14 months the food grade (totally safe) color will not fade more than three shades.

Another wonderful garden product we offer is our “Walk-On” bark.  This is bark resulting from our forest restoration efforts.  It is a combination of bark with some wood shred in it.  Some people refer to it as “Deco Shred”.  This is a great product for gardens and pathways.

Both of these products are normally sold in bulk.  However, we also have the ability to bag them in our “Bed Spread” bags as shown above.  We call our products Bed Spread because they are like a beautiful blanket for your vegetable or flower beds.  Why buy from the store when you can save money by purchasing these great New Mexico products directly from the manufacturer?

Available at our Albuquerque office