Machine Shop

machine shopMt. Taylor Machine, LLC is a full service industrial machine shop. We serve drilling, mining and manufacturing industries throughout New Mexico.

We provide large scale industrial machine shop services which are provided quickly, efficiently and at reasonable cost. Pickup and delivery is available.

Emergency services are provided and often used, saving our customers expensive down-time and lost production.

Family owned and operated, our machinists have over 75 years of combined experience.


  • Machining: Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastics.
  • Welding: MIG, Stick, and sub-arc.
  • Repair: Worn shafts or fabricate replacements up to 12” OD ( x length needed)

Additional Fabrication and Capacities: Special nuts, bolts or parts to your specs, keyway cutting, flame or plasma arc cutting, boring, bushings, bent drill steel truing, zinc phosphate coating, and custom metal fabrication.

Available at our Milan office

Pickup and delivery to our Albuquerque yard is available for most items at no charge.