Wood Recycling

Wood You Recycle! is building a new pellet plant right in Albuquerque’s South Valley.  We expect to go into production in the fall of 2016!

Wood You Recycle! is the only company in Albuquerque that recycles clean, dry wood waste to be converted into alternative energy and other valuable products.

Annually, Wood You Recycle! prevents approximately ten million pounds of beautiful wood waste from being needlessly land filled.  Instead this material is primarily used in the manufacture of high quality wood pellets.

Cost:  Wood You Recycle! charges a small fee for processing clean wood waste.  However, it is usually about half the cost of any local landfills.  Each charge is dependent upon what you bring in to be recycled but usually works out to about .14 per cubic foot or less than 4.00 per yard.

Wood that is not accepted:  Wood You Recycle! is able to accept most clean wood waste.  However, there are a few wood items we are unable to process.  These include wood that is heavily painted or varnished, wood that is extremely dirty or dirt saturated, wood that has been exposed to chemicals.

Please remember, if you are unsure about the wood you want to recycle, just call.  Usually a short conversation and a cell phone photo are all we need to make sure we can help you save land fill space.

Save money and our environment by using Wood You Recycle!



Available at our Albuquerque office